Support in the product design process (consulting)

If our Client has their own design office, we can get involved in the mould design process, through offering our advice and support. Experts in rotational moulding technology, we are able to offer solutions even for the most complex projects. We boast unique knowledge from over 20 years’s worth of experience of our specialists, which allows us to see opportunities to improve the product and optimize the production process.

Who is the service intended for?

We support companies and design offices interested in rotomolding technology. Specialists with many years of experience will help avoid mistakes. We introduce the intricacies of rotomoulding technology.

What problem does it solve?

We help overcome the barrier of lack of experience. With support, we can reach our goal faster and avoid mistakes in designing with rotomoulding technology

What benefit does the Client gain from this service?

A design effortlessly adapted to the technology and fully exploiting its advantages. We accelerate the design process and shorten the consultation path. We help reduce the cost of the mold and the final product