Comprehensive implementation of projects with the use of the rotomoulding technology

At Rotospace, we take care of every stage of implementation – from design, through creating a mould, selecting optimal materials, packaging and initial assembly, to packing and delivering the product to the indicated address. During an interview with the Client, we learn about their expectations and, on the basis of the collected information, we draw up a quote and develop the entire design process. When working with us, there is no need to worry about anything – we implement each of your ideas from start to finish with the highest precision. Throughout the entire rotary machining process, we strive to set new quality standards and production capabilities, in order to always exceed expectations of our Clients.

Who is the Service intended for?

For those looking for a business partner who will take care of the complete realisation of the entrusted product. From design through mould making, selection of optimum materials, packaging and pre-assembly, to packing and delivery to the indicated address.

What problem does it solve?

Solves the nuisance of coordinating several companies dealing with the same project in successive stages. Minimises response time and implementation of solutions in subsequent stages. Eliminates errors when decentralising. In general, our comprehensive approach to design, binds together the results of cooperation between several companies.

What benefit does the Client gain from this service?

Consolidates multiple stages of implementation in one place. Reduces costs and speeds up the implementation process.